Monthly Plans

The monthly coaching option is our most popular as well as recommended way to get the best return on your training investment.


-Comprehensive strength program included for each off-season as well as in-season strength maintenance program to augment your fitness and prevent injury.

-Field testing as needed using a power meter and/or heart rate monitor to dial in your zones and maximize your return on time training.

-Free premium Training Peaks account (a $19.95/month value).

1 On 1 Coaching

Our 1 on 1 option is for the athlete looking for more hands-on guidance and assistance.  This can range from learning how to clip in and out of your pedals for the first time to mastering the bunny hop in a mountain bike race.  We cater to athletes of all abilities and levels!

-$75 per hour.

-Local athletes only (we are located in Woburn, MA).


Looking to review what you are doing and make sure you are heading the right direction?  Are you a self-motivated and consistent athlete who just has some questions related to training?  Our consulting plan is best for you!

-$75 per hour.

-Done via phone, Skype,, Facetime, Facebook video chat, basically whatever we both have access to!

-Athlete location does not matter.

There are no additional costs for multi-sport athletes.